SourceLink Global relies on facts provided by the client to structure practical Sourcing plans. Clients are advised to analyze their demand data by item and identify products which may be sourced or developed overseas to reduce its COGS. With detailed collaboration and clear understanding of their demand plan and development needs, we are able to structure a path to mate suitable suppliers who can reliably produce the goods to the quality level specified by the client, at the most competitive price, and within the target delivery date set by the client.

Trust and confidence is essential to build a foundation for long term partnership with our clients, especially during our consultation phase to identify the clients' needs and wants. Our team works "hand-in-hand" with our clients to build a results-oriented plan to meet or exceed expectations.

"A dollar saved is a dollar earned." At SourceLink Global, we feel this is a fundamental way to help our clients reduce cost of goods and increase their profitability. Once we understand the short term objectives and more importantly the long term goals of our clients' offshore sourcing program, we structure practical plans to meet our clients' needs. We scrutinize suppliers' cost structure in order to negotiate the best possible commercial terms without sacrificing on the quality of its products or service. Qualifying the right supplier with the technical competence, methodical processes, and transparency is the only way to reduce risk and ensure success.

Identify client needs
Qualify prospective suppliers
Produce Samples & Analyze Costs
Short list prospective suppliers
Perform Component-based cost negotiations
Define & Manage Mass Production Plan
Logistics & Fulfillment

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