Q: What's the difference between a Sourcing Agent and Trading company?

Q: We are considering to open a buying office in Asia. Why should we consider working with an Agent?

Q: How do I know I am getting the best price?

Q: What if we do not prefer to work with suppliers you choose?

Q: What types of products can you source?

Q: How can SourceLink Global assure product quality meets our standards?

There had been numerous cases of Chinese suppliers producing goods that are unsafe, how can SourceLink Global ensure goods produced in China and elsewhere in Asia comply with Federal Safety Requirements?

Q: Can SourceLink Global provide services for smaller companies?

Q: We have a new product concept and want to explore developing the product in China. Can SourceLink Global help us?

Q: We are planning to strengthen our house brand products, how can you help us?

Q: Our company has implemented a Green policy, how can you help us?

Q: Our IP is very important us. How can you assure us our IP will be protected?

Q: Do you own your factories?

Q: How quickly can you start sourcing for us?

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