SourceLink Global reduces the cost of procuring goods from Asia and ensures products comply with Clients' product specifications,safety standards, and are delivered on time.

Many businesses who had previous experience working with Asian suppliers had enjoyed success and others had suffered. Some companies make the wrong assumption that making annual visits to suppliers during an exhibition will provide the buyers with sufficient knowledge to make sound commercial decisions. Although in some cases this may be true, in the majority of cases,seasonal buyers have not been so fortunate.

SourceLink Global performs the meticulous groundwork and provides you with the FACTS. One of our key stengths is the due diligence we conduct on each prospective supplier. Our fundamental belief is that if we do our homework thoroughly, you, the client will have the facts to make good commercial decisions, ultimately leading to cost savings and reliable deliveries.

As your sourcing agent, SourceLink Global's primary role is to serve the client. We are not tied to suppliers nor are we compensated in any way by suppliers. Since we work for the client, our priority is to serve you and meet the targets you set on us, resulting in quality products, delivered on time, and most importantly, generating higher levels of profitability with reduced risk.

Lower COGS
Higher levels of profitability
Decisions based on FACTS
Single point of contact to manage all projects
Speed to market
Increased confidence of QA & QC
Reduced frustration
Increased reliability
Better qualified suppliers
Trusted Partner

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