SourceLink Global Limited is a Hong Kong-based full service sourcing agent representing global clients who outsource their production or procure goods and services from Asia. Once we have defined our clients' needs, we implement their "offshore" sourcing plans by managing the complete cycle from development to fulfillment of each product. Our clients value our direct approach and fact-based feedback so they can make educated decisions with accurate information to reduce risk and increase profitability. The result is total landed cost savings and the gain of long-term, reliable partner suppliers…. SourceLink Global is "your Link to the Global Supply Chain."

Sourcing products and services from suppliers thousands of miles away is a daunting task for any company. Combine the cultural diversity, countless dialects, varying degrees of business standards and the countless unknowns; sourcing from overseas may appear to be a recipe for disaster. For some, sourcing from overseas is not an option when compared to the risks. For a great deal of others, it's an absolute necessity to maintain its cost advantage and is an integral part of their business strategy.

There are thousands of suppliers in the world, but there are only a handful who are suitably matched with the client. By understanding the needs of our clients and qualifying the right type of suppliers, the risk of mismatch are significantly reduced paving the way for strong long-term partnerships. As a result, our clients consider SourceLink Global as a part of their own procurement team. Leveraging our expertise to reduce the time to market without the financial burden and prolonged time and human resource investment to establish and maintain its own presence in Asia.

Assisting Western businesses to develop and implement offshore sourcing plans to maximize profitability and empowering clients to benefit from the vast supply chain resources available throughout Asia.


To eliminate the barriers between Western and Asian businesses.
Our logo consists of 2 links in a chain. One link represents the client and the other link is its perfectly matched supplier. We believe an enduring partnership is dependent on both parties meeting each other needs as well as being of "like-mind" in its business philosophy. With shared goals, fair terms and accountability, both sides are able to rely on each other to plan, execute, and benefit as client and supplier.
SourceLink Global is comprised of management professionals with over 40 years of collective experience in account management, product development, production management, and merchandising. Our team's strength is understanding what clients need and executing a sourcing plan that meets or exceeds the expectations placed on us. Our client-focused service solutions combine western account management practices with Asian cultural sensitivities to bring clients together with suppliers to achieve a common goal.

Our core values are based on trust and integrity to maintain the highest ethical standards within our team as well as qualifying supplier-partners who are like-minded, ensuring high level of trust, reliability and transparency to always reduce risk for our clients.

Often times, language, local "know-how," and varying degrees of business methodologies are the key barriers of overseas companies when implementing an offshore sourcing strategy. Our team understands the importance of effective communication with clients and suppliers. Our multi-lingual team relays our clients' needs and expectations to the supplier in their respective dialects to ensure complete understanding of the facts, eliminating guesswork and reducing risk.
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